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Spiritual Retreats

Casa Sangam is open to everyone .. but not for everyone.

Taking time to attend a retreat is a gift that I give my soul, for the wellbeing of my spirit.
A time to be at peace and recharge my inner batteries.
If you don’t feel that you can find the time to pull yourself away from work, family or friends, even just for a weekend, then perhaps a retreat is not for you.

A spiritual retreat is ideal for those persons wishing to bring about a positive change in their lives, for those who wish to be in charge of life’s ups and downs, not those who wait until the changes are made by the people or events around them.
It is ideal for those who wish to free themselves from conventional thinking, and improve their understanding of the reasons behind their sense of wellbeing or unhappiness – the cause and effect of their actions.

Spending quality time with yourself brings clarity. We find the energy to adopt new patterns of behavior, which in turn improve our relationships and bring inner joy.
Setting aside time to attend a spiritual retreat will indeed prove to be a profitable investment for the wellbeing of the soul. Even a short time is sufficient to understand how to release tensions, get in touch with your inner self and uplift your spirits.

Perhaps you are searching for a deeper meaning in your life?
If so, then it is obviously time that you treated yourself to a spiritual retreat.

What are the reasons for attending a spiritual retreat?

- Because you will be able to better focus on your priorities and goals. Do not listen to the inner voice telling you : “I have too many other things to do now”- in actual fact, by becoming more centred you gain the inner strength to carry out your goals.

- Because, upon returning to your everyday life, you will have a positive effect on both your surroundings and the people around you. Don’t think that you are leaving your loved ones on their own.
Your family will discover that you return home a better person, stronger and perhaps they too will decide to attend a spiritual retreat!

- Because you will meet people, in this setting, who think like you. You will find a group, a welcoming family with whom to dialogue and grow stronger and more mature.
Don’t worry about whether you will get on with the other people or not! Actually, we are all searching for the same experience thus an atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendship is created.