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  • Are YOU Making the Shift from Force to Power

    “You have to make things happen if you want to see results... you have to reach for the stars… just go out and get it while you can... ask your self how much do you really want it…don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way!”. These are all motivational clichés to which many will resort as they ‘force’ their way through life.
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  • Are YOU a Positive Thinker?

    There are many who swear by the power of Positive Thinking. They ‘walk their talk’ and seem to be able to always look and live on the bright side of life. There are others who ‘talk the talk’ of positive thinking who are always saying how good and how important it is to be positive about everything.
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  • Finding Balance or Being Centred – What’s the Difference?

    Do you feel you are living a balanced life? Do you believe you have your priorities right? Is your work interfering with your life or is your life interfering with your work? During this last decade in particular much has been said and written, many courses devised and delivered, on how to achieve that apparently elusive vision of a work/life balance
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  • Listening to Your Conscience

    It is generally recognised that every human being regardless of their situation or background has a conscience as their inner guide.
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